Davydov Denis Vladimirovich

Academic degree
doctor of medical sciences
Science rang
  1. employee Main Military Hospital named after N.Burdenko under The Ministry of Defence of The Russian Federation , Traumatology and orthopedics dept , Head of the Unit ,
  2. employee RUDN University , Traumatology and orthopedics dept of The Medical Institute , Professor ,
  • Journal " Russian Medical and Social Journal " — editorial board member , employee
Scientific interests
GRNTI 76.01 Общие вопросы медицины и здравоохранения
GRNTI 76.09 Медицинские материалы, средства и изделия
GRNTI 76.13 Медицинская техника
GRNTI 76.29 Клиническая медицина
GRNTI 76.35 Прочие отрасли медицины и здравоохранения


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